Our mission it to conduct critical analyses of the security challenges that are posed by the SDN paradigm and embodied in the current OpenFlow specification.  We are actively working toward solutions to these core challenges, developing reference implementations of OpenFlow security features that can be integrated at all layers of the OpenFlow stack.

We also present reference implementations of advanced network  security defenses that utilize OpenFlow to introduce the next generation of network attack mitigation.  OpenFlow has some truly exciting potential to drive new innovations  in intelligent and dynamic network security defenses for future networks. In fact, long term OpenFlow could prove to be one of the more impactful  technologies to drive a variety of new network defense solutions.  



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  1. 1 Oct - Avant Guard: Scalable and Vigilant Switch Flow Management in Software Defined Networks (PDF), in  ACM CCS 2013, Nov 2013.

  1. 15 Sep - Seungwon Shin -  Now “Professor Seungwon Shin” of KAIST University, South Korea.  Congrats Seungwon!

  1. 9 Jun -  IEEE ICC 2013: Model Checking Invariant Security Properties in OpenFlow

  1. 17 Apr - ONS 2013 - We presented SE Floodlight on stage with BigSwitch at this year’s ONS conference

  1. 10 Apr - Seungwon Shin - our intrepid PhD candidate, is graduating and now seeking a full time position 

  1. 8 Apr - Tech Republic Interview - Software Defined Networking: How it affects security

  1. 26 Mar -  BigSwitch press release - Contributors and Partners Innovating Using Opensource SDN

  1. 12 Feb - SDN Central Interview regarding our NDSS FRESCO paper:  SDN Security - An Oxymoron?

  1. 10 Feb - NDSS 2013 Paper - FRESCO: Modular Composable Security Services for Software-Defined Networks


  1. 20 Dec - We gave an invited talk at DIMAC 2012 - New Killer Apps for Software Defined Networking?"

  1. 12 Aug - Sigcomm HotSDN Paper - A Security Enforcement Kernel for OpenFlow Networks

  1. 3 Jul - SDN Central Interview - Lack of Secure Controller Hurting  OpenFlow

  1. 27 Jun  - SDN Central Interview - Top Open Source SDN Projects to Keep Your Eyes On

  1. 2 March - Presentation SDN2012 Security Seminar Wrap-up


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